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The Skene’s Glands Do Not Release Pee

Pee comes from your bladder. Understanding a little bit about anatomy allows you to explore pleasurable sensation, especially if they lead to a climax. Especially when that climax is ejaculatory. When you get the chance, Google “Skene’s Glands” and get lost in articles and studies that indicate that the Skene’s Glands hold urine. The glands, there are 2 of them, are located on either side of the urethra. Studies show that they secrete in and outside of the urethra creating wetness that is helpful. I cringe when I hear or read an individual staying that squirting is pee. Why do I mention squirting? Because the fluid that is ejaculated comes from the Skene’s Glands. I simply don’t understand the confusion. Why does most of the research and studies done to determine what squirting is reports that it is inconclusive after all this time. It seems so clear to me. Sperm does not come from the bladder of a penis owner. How would it make sense that they are also called the “female prostate” because the development, and makeup of the glands are the same as the prostate in males? Penis’s do not dispel pee and sperm at the same time. Right. We know this. So why is it so “inconclusive” that the female glands are not ejecting pee.

The glands lubricate the vagina during arousal and are surrounded with clitoral tissue that swells during arousal as well. When they fill with fluid, they can eject between 1.6907oz to .2377oz. I tell people that it’s between a teaspoon and two cups. It feels like you have to pee. It feels like your bladder is full. Have you ever stopped sex because you thought you were about to pee? Many have. As an Orgasm Coach, I tell people to use that as a sign that your orgasm is building, and you should begin to relax and breathe into the feeling. Allow it to wash over you and let that feeling go down the belly to the vagina and the glands will do the rest. They ejaculate a clear liquid, with no smell. If this is not the case, if it has a smell or coloration, the person needs to seek medical attention. There could be an imbalance that is causing an infection of some sort. The orgasm is all consuming, head to toe bliss. It is because this fluid shares the urethra that feeling like you need to pee exist. Although if it was, pee is 95% water, and a little golden shower hasn’t hurt anyone. Kidding. Be comfortable in knowing that you are not peeing on your partner. Like the penis born body, it is not possible to pee and ejaculate at the same time.

The glands are also important for both urinary and sexual health. The more intense your orgasm is the better benefits you are receiving. There are several hormones that are activated and aid in the process of orgasm. Endorphins and oxytocin, the feel-good hormones are released the earliest. Oxytocin also wipes out cortisol which is the major stress hormone. There are over 30 active parts of the brain involved in orgasm. The rest is in your bodies ability to listen and react to the brain. If it feels good, keep it up. The pleasure chemical dopamine is released and aids in the feeling of pleasure, which gives you the motivation to do something when you are feeling this pleasure. Plus, orgasms, especially squirting orgasms, boost your immune system. If you are having an active sex life, like twice a week, you will increase your immunoglobulin A by 30% which boosts immunity. Finally, when you climax you release serotonin and DHEA which means if you pick up your orgasm quota you will boost your mood. Hence why we say that orgasms can help soothe depression.

To reach this Gspot, you go into the vagina about 2-3 inches. First you must know that the clitoris is much longer than the clitoris. The internal clitoris is long. The space that is at the curve (imagine a wishbone), in that ‘between’ space will swell with arousal and when stimulated with your fingers, penis or toy in the right position with the right pressure, speed and force, ejaculation will happen. With that stimulation the full Skene’s glands will release. If you are concerned about the cleanup put down some towels down first. Again, the fluid is harmless. The glands play a very important role in the process of squirting and sexual pleasure.

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