My philosophy entails using sex positivity to help individuals reach their best orgasmic experience.  I guide an investigation into what goes right and what goes wrong for clients. For me, ethics is most important.  My practice is highly professional and does not involve sexual activity on my part. I help identify hopes and problem(s) and then work toward valid solutions.

My approach is direct.  I create a comfortable environment where clients can trust that I have their best interest at heart. I offer specialized perspectives on topics most clinicians are not trained in or shy away from.  Unlike a lot of more traditional approaches that remain solely in the mind, I help you reduce the mind/body split and connect to your body, senses, feelings and ultimately your orgasm. 

I use an abundance of somatic and cognitive approaches for long-term, effective change.  Additional tools include emotional techniques to overcome barriers that may exist.  Sessions are focused on the present to help develop skills and confidence where you need it most. This creates a meaningful understanding of sex, pleasure and relationships in your life.

I believe that all genders and non-binary individuals deserve the right to experience an awesome orgasm.  My coaching, course work and books are always all inclusive.  My goal is to assist anyone, in any way to reach their orgasmic goals.

It takes a special skill to cultivate and engage emotional intelligence into the area of our pleasure. I help people to integrate many aspects of life in addition to intimacy and communication work. I offer ongoing assistance in strengths-based and skills-oriented approach to working with the mind, heart, emotions, body, and other barriers. My personal counseling includes working on life management skills to ensure your life is in alignment to meeting sexual goals.  We will spend time handling family origin wounds, inclusive of child work.  We work together to overcome guilt, shame, and stuck points. 

Don’t worry, I support you through the process of managing the change, discomfort, and uncertainty you may face on this journey.  If divorce or intimacy is an issue, my counseling can help guide couples back to the mate they fell in love with.  Developing self-trust, self-care, and intuition strategies.  This may all sound complex but with my open approach, you can accomplish your goal of learning to give or receive a fulfilling orgasm.


We will focus on developing the skills you need to change and break free from bad habits. Love and honesty are not for the faint-hearted, but if you are willing to commit to the process, I am willing to support you every step of the way. With clarity, insight, dedication, and compassion you can turn your relationships around to create the kind of connection you want.

We work on communication, emotional processing, and skill development. Identifying your hopes and your problem(s) that we will work toward solutions for.  Couple sessions are specifically offered to lovers who want to explore options for dealing with lots of traction, intimacy issues or direction in the relationship.  I help you to remember why you are together and how to create the kind of fulfilling relationship you want. 

I help couples get clearer about what they want.  What they are willing to do or not do to get where they want to be.  It takes a lot to recognize boundaries and figuring out how to speak up about them.  I understand that.  I understand the needs as a couple to achieve your goal. 

I teach you how to take responsibility for what’s not working and do something different to make it okay for you. Learn how to build empathy and compassion for one another. Often it could be a matter of miscommunication, sometimes it’s a lack of wanting to change.  Relationship session includes communication so that sexuality counseling can make a positive change to your relationship.

Sometimes a relationship cannot be “saved” by seeking advice.  Sometime long-term issues become embedded into the relationship making it impossible to overturn resentment.  I cannot promise to save your relationship, I can only support you through your journey using resources, listening, and applying useful strategies to give you the experiences needed to move forward in working on the relationship.

Solutions are based on feedback from you, me and your partner.  You must be willing to take on the challenges that change present.  How a relationship ends is just as important as how it starts and how it functions.

My role is not referee, nor is it to choose sides.  I will point out patterns and provide strategies to deal with them.  I help you decide what is the best course of action for your relationship and develop a plan to do this through communication, emotional management, self-reflection and of course, compromise.

No. I do not touch you sexually or intimately at all. And you do not touch me. I may give you touching homework to practice alone or with a partner.

During COVID-19 all sessions are happening online. Sessions happen by appointment Monday – Thursday. Day and evening sessions available. Weekend appointments are available between 1pm and 7pm.

Our sessions that are based on issues with sex, pleasure and intimacy can range from various sessions. It is best to start with 3 sessions as generally we are able to meet short term goals in concentrated sessions.  If you are committed to doing the work, in 6 sessions you have a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing and the tools you need to heal.

After you feel you have gotten to where you want to be, you are welcome to continue sessions for as long as you like.  Between sessions, you can reach out to me via email, and I will be able to offer additional support.  There is a free initial 15-minute video call to establish service (EST time zone). Starter packages include 3 -90min sessions that must be completed within 3 month or be forfeited. 60-90–minute session for individuals / couples start at $75 an hour.

I am an internationally recognized master sexpert and clinical sexologist with a proven record as a go-to expert in modern sexuality. I have been in the field of sexuality for 10 years spending the last 8 on understanding and teaching others about orgasm.

All genders, orientations and relationship styles are safe and welcome with me. I have 8 years’ experience working within the LGBTQIA community and all of my work, courses and books are written with all individuals in mind.

Ongoing violence and physical or sexual abuse require special trauma intervention. If you are in immediate danger, I can connect you to whatever resource is needed to get you to a safe space.  When you are willing to work through your past trauma, we can move at a comfortable pace for you to address all issues that will free your mind, body and spirit.  Working through trauma can guide you through a more positive and rewarding sex life.


I do not offer diagnostic nor support services for chronic, severe, or ongoing serious mental health or psychiatric conditions that are better served by an expert in these areas. Clients experiencing serious /chronic mental health issues are referred out to appropriate support / psychiatric services in their area.

Session fees are required in advance via credit card or PayPal in US dollars. Sessions are $75/hr. Packages include 3 sessions for $225 and 6 Sessions for $400.


These services are not eligible out-of-network coverage either.  The good news is that couple’s work and personal coaching usually qualifies for reimbursement as “health coaching” under workplace wellness benefits. Billing and receipts are supplied discretely from Shade Media.