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So many penis owners may tell you that any suggestion of anal is off the table. It’s a hard no they say. They simply don’t believe the pleasure that exist with anal sex does not equate to being “gay”. Anal sex is possible by all humans because we all have an anus. The only way to reach the prostate, which is internal, is through the rectum. You can also touch against the prostate by pressing against the perineum between the scrotum and the anus. That fine thin line there, with a little pressure will bring on the need to ejaculate. This technique is called a doorbell.

Because you are pressing in at the space like you would a bell. A hand job is an easy add-on to anal sex for the giver and the receiver. You should pick up the pace as climax approaches, stroking the entire length of the shaft. The bottom of it all, is that to touch the prostate (P-spot) for anal orgasm is to enter the rectum about two inches in and make a come-hither motion with your finger or use a toy to reach them. It feels like waves of pleasure that starts off deep inside their body and then spreads throughout the rest of the body. Many say that it is equative to a G-spot orgasm for vulva owners.

A large part of the hesitation for penis owners is the belief that anal is painful. Pain does not have to be a part of the process. Anal takes patience and a whole lot of lube. While there may be minor discomfort the first time or two, if the giver is taught how to give, the pleasure will be there from start to finish. Severe pain means that you must stop instantly. The anus does not secrete its own fluids, hence the need for lube. Without it, you can tear, break and bruise the rectum. Be sure to prep the anus inside and out. Use your finger to trace the rim, slowly enter the anus. At this stage you do not want to go in and out, you want to keep moving forward into the anus. The receiver should be relaxed and aroused. Once you have successfully entered and lubricated the anus you can insert the penis or a toy. Again, do not thrust until you are fully in. If the receiver is on their knees and relaxes their spine, it will flatten the sigmoid colon at the base of the intensions. Relaxing this ‘S’ shape will allow the depth of penetration needed to stimulate the prostrate without pain. Once you are fully in, try to stay in so that re-entry is not a mood killer.

Milking the prostate is stimulating them by any means in which there is an ejaculation of the fluid built up into the prostate. The more turned on you are, the more enjoyable anal will be for you. You can fantasize, watch your favorite type of porn or listen to music that arouses and relaxes you. You need to present yourself ready for this milking. Take a hot bath or shower in which you can stimulate erogenous zones that will get your juices flowing for the act itself. The hot water will loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow to the area. As an Orgasm Coach, I tell my clients to practice anal first. Use a butt plug, (which comes in many sizes), again taking things slow and find pleasure by teasing the rim before you enter.

Now, as the giver you need to be confident in the ability to follow through with anal play. You should do a few things that will help you deliver a great experience. Make sure your nails are clean and shaped, preferably short, so that when you prep the area, you will not damage the skin in anyway. As in any sex act, your hygiene is important. You could wear latex gloves with cotton balls at the tips for comfort. It is advantageous to use a condom. You can use them on a toy or your fingers as well as the folic. If you opt to use your tongue you can use a dental dam made from a cut open condom or saran wrap. If you are not in the best mood, you should avoid giving anal. It takes your ability to provide kissing, touching and licking of the area to give the person pleasure and get them aroused and ready for the entry.