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Breath and Orgasm

Breath is so important in orgasm it holds the intensity of the experience at bay. You must find a way to master your breath during orgasm so that you can have the most fulfilling experience. Here is a little exercise you can do to train your body to breath mindfully. First, find a comfortable seat, be sure to sit upright, and take a regular deep breath in and out to prepare. With your next inhale, purse your lips like you were sipping through a straw. This allows you to control the air as it comes in.

Sip air slowly in, and engage your PC muscles at the very bottom, like you are stopping a stream of pee. Avoid the urge to clench your glutes. continue to sip air in and imagine you are zipping up the muscles around the energy that is lifting through the spine, keeping them engaged as you go. Pull in your lower abdominal muscles. Suck in your belly button. Draw your shoulders back and widen your collarbones. Tuck your chin in and lengthen the back of your neck, looking down gently. Once you are full of air, seal the lips and hold your breath with all muscles along the spine are engaged.

When you’re ready to release, open your mouth slightly and imagine energy pouring from the crown of the head, down the front of the body, now softening each muscle group on its way down. Relax the neck. Relax the shoulders. Let your belly hang out. Rest your lower abdominal muscles. Lastly, release the PC muscles completely and surrender. Repeat up to 15 times. When you are done, be sure to relax, and breathe normally for a few breaths while remaining in a state of surrender. Sometimes taking guidance from your hands mobbing up and down with breath can help. Enjoy the benefits of breath during your next orgasm.  Practice mindful breathing so that when the moment comes, you can tune in and have a more intense orgasmic experience. Good Luck.