The Art of Fellatio

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Learn the art of fellatio and gain tips and tricks that will allow you to perform an awesome job in 8-10 minutes.  It is not a race, but with the right skills, it can be a destination.


The art of fellatio has been developing for as far back as the recording of sexual activity. In this course, you will learn the steps to performing great fellatio.  An act that can be completed in 8-10 minutes is a sign that you have mastered the art of fellatio. We will look at the basics that are needed to perform, gain fundamental tools that can improve your performance.  Hygiene plays a solid role in whether the giver has the experience and if so, how productive it will be.  We will discuss the importance of hygiene for the giver and receiver and finally we will talk about the knowledge that can help you develop great techniques to give someone an ultimate experience. Check out the instructor Debra Shade.

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