History of Sex Toys


What’s kind of amazing is that we have evidence of a dildo-like object that’s 28,000–30,000 years old. We think of these things as new, but you see dildos on Greek vases and in Japanese art. This has been a topic we’ve been thinking about for hundreds and thousands of years. I think it’s important to recognize the history because it gives a more nuanced view, that this isn’t a sign of the decline of civilization. Dildos have been a part of human culture since the beginning of human culture. They are a tool we humans have used for a very long time, and they need to be taken seriously.


To understand the history of sex toys, one must first admit that there is one.  Since the beginning of recording of sexuality, sex toys have been in existence.  History of Sex Toys is intended for individuals to learn from the past how great we have it today.  Once bread was used to masturbate and now we have vibrators you can control with your phone.  Learn about the history and what is currently on the market for anyone to buy.  Debra Shade created this course because as a Sexologist she understands the importance a great sex toy can be to a person seeking orgasms.  In addition to the feelings of pleasure, you can also cure some sexual dysfunctions.


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