My philosophy entails using sex positivity to help individuals reach their best orgasmic experience. I guide an investigation into what goes right and what goes wrong for clients. For me, ethics is most important. My practice is highly professional and does not involve sexual activity on my part. I help identify hopes and problem(s) and then work toward valid solutions. My approach is direct. I create a comfortable environment where clients can trust that I have their best interest at heart. I offer specialized perspectives on topics most clinicians are not trained in or shy away from. Unlike a lot of more traditional approaches that remain solely in the mind, I help you reduce the mind/body split and connect to your body, senses, feelings and ultimately your orgasm. I use an abundance of somatic and cognitive approaches for long-term, effective change. Additional tools include emotional techniques to overcome barriers that may exist. Sessions are focused on the present to help develop skills and confidence where you need it most. This creates a meaningful understanding of sex, pleasure and relationships in your life. I believe that all genders and non-binary individuals deserve the right to experience an awesome orgasm. My coaching, course work and books are always all inclusive. My goal is to assist anyone, in any way to reach their orgasmic goals.