It takes a special skill to cultivate and engage emotional intelligence into the area of our pleasure. I help people to integrate many aspects of life in addition to intimacy and communication work. I offer ongoing assistance in strengths-based and skills-oriented approach to working with the mind, heart, emotions, body and other barriers. My personal counseling includes working on life management skills to ensure your life is in alignment to meeting sexual goals. We will spend time handling family origin wounds, inclusive of child work. We work together to overcome guilt, shame and stuck points. Don’t worry, I support you through the process of managing the change, discomfort and uncertainty you may face on this journey. If divorce or intimacy is an issue, my counseling can help guide couples back to the mate they fell in love with. Developing self-trust, self-care and intuition strategies. This may all sound complex but with my open approach, you can accomplish your goal of learning to give or receive a fulfilling orgasm.