Hot Sex On A Platter

Hot Sex On A Platter


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Sequel to Maybe She is Right.

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On the run and struggling with her sex addiction, Debra does what any strong woman would – she reinvents herself.  Moving to Georgia, she opens a business that is right inline with her high sex drive and love for thrills and excitement.  Being a danger to herself, was one thing, now she is a danger to others as well, meet the ladies of ‘Say You Swear Enterprise’, and find out how Debra traps them into becoming her own personal sex pawns.


From Readers:

“This would be a great read again and again!  Debra tells a great story to extreme to be real. I love her writing style”


“This book opened my eyes to the darker side of sex addiction and the line between fiend and addiction.”


“Debra’s writing is very intense erotica, but I enjoyed every page of it!”


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