Coaching Sex Work vs Human Trafficking


Sex work is work.  There is a significant difference between sex work and human trafficking.  Gain the knowledge needed to be able to coach clients through trauma, fear, transitions, and other barriers associated with the two.


Do you know the difference between Sex Work and Human Trafficking? There is a very large gap between the two in which lies consent.  Debra Shade, Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert has written this course for the Sexpert to understand where their work lies in the midst of Sex Work and Human Trafficking.   Gain an understanding of the benefits of legalizing sex work while continuing to prosecute and penalize Human Trafficking as the heinous crimes that they are. As a Sexpert, you will need to be able to have resources to address any client that may have a trafficking past or one that is looking for a way to make their current sex work more safe. A detailed look at the current policies is included in this course.


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