Have you wanted to improve your “O”? Book me for your birthday, bachelorette and bachelors parties. For workshops, seminars and expos.  I offer individual and couples coaching to improve intimacy and sensual pleasure.

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We are a education and entertainment company.  Our resident Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert, Debra Shade has heard, and answered, every sex-related question there is.  When you are looking for answers, inspiration or enhancement, Shade Media is here to help.

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Grab your copy of the series Sex Journals. A series of the journal of a bi-sexual attorney. Charged with a crime she can’t remember committing, she is tasked with writing down her sexual behavior in an attempt to curb her deviant behavior.

This erotic series is intense and a speedy, enticing read that will keep you engage in her every encounter.

  1. Still in love with your partner but knowing it can’t go on like it is.
  2. Misunderstanding or being misunderstood.
  3. Deeply frustrated with no way out.
  4. Interested in creating a better future together.
  5. Genuinely wanting to connect with your partner but just don’t know how.
  6. Hoping to better understand the relationship you currently have.
  7. Eager to rekindle the passion you once had.
  8. In the same arguments over and over again.
  9. Without clarity but willing to discover what you want from the relationship & each other.
  10. Wanting to understand your relationship patterns and the effect they have.
  11. Keen to invest in strategies that bring more connection, intimacy and pleasure.
  12. Committed to working through blockages and problems including infidelity


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