The Art of Cunnilingus

The Art of Cunnilingus has been created to teach you how to give the best orgasmic experience using your mouth, teeth and tongue on a vagina. The lesson includes tips and techniques to ensure the understanding behind the orgasm.  Therefore you can practice the Art of Cunnilingus for yourself. Individual knowledge about the anatomy will provide the foundation needed to perform at your best.  Thus you will know what parts of the anatomy you are triggering and what response you are expecting while performing. Knowing how to read the body and listen to audible instructions are crucial.  The Art of Cunnilingus is here to promote and support orgasms via cunnilingus. Check out the creator and instructor, Debra Shade.

The Art of Fellatio

The art of fellatio has been developing for as far back as the recording of sexual activity. In this course, you will learn the steps to performing great fellatio.  An act that can be completed in 8-10 minutes is a sign that you have mastered the art of fellatio. We will look at the basics that are needed to perform, gain fundamental tools that can improve your performance.  Hygiene plays a solid role in whether the giver has the experience and if so, how productive it will be.  We will discuss the importance of hygiene for the giver and receiver and finally we will talk about the knowledge that can help you develop great techniques to give someone an ultimate experience. Check out the instructor Debra Shade.