Female Orgasms, the G spot & Squirting

Ever wonder how much pressure to push through your fingers as you are delivering finger play to a mate? Wonder no more, this course is all inclusive of everything that you need to know about digit play. It is important to get orgasm facts.  There are places within the vagina and anus that can be stimulated by the givers fingers. Some of these pleasurable areas are more intense then others. This course share details about the allusive G-spot and all of its many wonders.  We will cover additional spots in order to explore all the parts you can stimulate for the vulva born individuals pleasure.  Explore a whole new world of sexual satisfaction. Orgasm facts allow you to improve your intimacy with mates. Check out instructor Debra Shade!




Coaching Practices for Trans* Individuals

There are many practices that a coach can adapt in counseling members of the transgender community. This course will walk you through such practices and give you tips on coaching.